Confirm card ownership for online transactions


Cardholder verification at your fingertips

Have your customers effortlessly provide you with confirmation that they are the cardholder for their online transaction.

The customer simply authorises us to retrieve card details associated with the appropriate bank which we supply back to you to confirm:

  • the customer has the ability to log into the online banking for that card
  • the name on the online banking account is consistent with the online transaction
  • the last four digits of the card number

If you need a solution to fight identity theft, fraudulent transactions and money laundering, we’ve got you covered.

Security is in our DNA

  • We never store online banking credentials
  • Our service is independently tested and audited by external security experts
  • Data is encrypted with bank level 256-bit encryption, secured by 2048-bit keys
  • Statements are only provided to the lender or broker

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